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OPTIMIX project publications


Publications in IEEE, Eurasip & ACM Journals

Publications in IEEE, Eurasip & ACM Conference Proceedings

  • C. Lamy-Bergot, G. Panza, A. Rotondi and L. Fratta, "Analysis and Optimization of a JSCC/D System on 4G Networks", accepted for publication in Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications (ISSSTA`08), Bologna, Italy, August 2008.

Presentations given in Workshops & Summits

  • Catherine Lamy-Bergot, Maria G. Martini, Pierre Hammes, Peter Amon, Janne Vehkaperä, Gianmarco Panza, Lajos Hanzo, Marco Chiani, Gábor Jeney, Gábor Feher and David Tarrant, "Optimisation of Multimedia over wireless IP links via X-layer design," accepted to European Symposium on Mobile Media Delivery, Oulu, Finland, July 2008.
  • Gianmarco Panza, Luigi Fratta, Alessandro Rotondi and Catherine Lamy-Bergot, "An Architectural Analysis and Evaluation of a JSCC/D System on 4G Networks", accepted for publication to ICT Mobile Summit 2008, Stockholm, Sweden, June 2008.

Talks given in Seminars

  • Presentation of OPTIMIX project at 1st FP7 concertation meeting (Networked media key line), Portugal, April 2008. download pdf .